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Eastern Regional Minister Must Be A Saint

After a series of rumours and unsubstantiated allegations that Hon Bryan Acheampong was going to sponsor Hon Davis Opoku Ansah to unseat Hon Seth Acheampong, the then MP for MPRAESO CONSTITUENCY in the 2020 parliamentary election, Hon Davis Opoku Ansah eventually contested Hon Seth Acheampong with affluence and support from the MCE Mr Attah Ofori Snr, party Chairman Agya Noah, Party Treasurer Attah Ofori Jnr, Research officer Benjamin Boateng, Youth Organizer and his Deputy Daniel Bosompim and Alonzo respectively to unseat the sitting MP for their selfish parochial interest.

The irony is that all these individuals have benefited tremendously in one way or the other from Hon Seth Kwame Acheampong as MP for MPRAESO CONSTITUENCY.

Hon Seth Acheampong, not perturbed by these acts of machinations and scheming, still went ahead to campaign for NPP and NPP parliamentary candidates across the length and breadth of the country including Hon Davis Opoku Ansah.

As if this is not enough, Hon Seth Acheampong from his own pocket money printed about 1000 campaign T-shirts for Mr Davis Opoku Ansah to support his election as MP and this was duly received and acknowledged by Dr Simon Ofori, the campaign manager for OPK.

The President of the Republic, on seeing the enormous contributions of Hon Seth Acheampong to MPRAESO CONSTITUENCY and the Eastern region at large subsequently appointed him Eastern Regional Minister and this has caused shivers in the spine of his adversaries. Some wicked people are bent on tarnishing the name of the regional Minister because if they don’t the people of MPRAESO CONSTITUENCY will soon be demanding for him to contest as MP.

Hon Davis Opoku Ansah on his part has been heard to suggest every project started during the era of Hon Seth Acheampong which is being continued three months in his term of office to be as a result of his hard work and efforts forgetting that governance is continuous. But the Regional Minister is focused and has refused to react to any of these deliberate distortions of facts and biases. A few of such are Bepong-Ntomem road, and Kwarfo telephone network.

At a sod cutting ceremony for the Bepong Ntomem road construction, Hon Davis Opoku Ansah sponsored supporters had the nerve to call the Regional Minister Satan ‘Obonsam’ and Davis Opoku Ansah Jesus “Yesu’ but the Hon MP looked on and did not condemn the act even before his speech, during or after.
The regional Minister must be a Saint.!!!!

Kwabena Annor, an aide to the MP for MPRAESO CONSTITUENCY is clearly heard on radio regularly casting insinuation at the Eastern Regional Minister but the leadership of the party feels it’s ok because they dare not touch MPs darling boy.

The Eastern Regional Minister must be a Saint. He has oversight responsibility on the region and by extension all the municipalities and Districts in the region yet he is given hostile treatment in his own backyard (MPRAESO CONSTITUENCY) yet he won’t call people to order or crack the whip. Why?

The answer is simple. Hon Seth Acheampong is a Saint. End of discussion.

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