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Beefing For Attention Must Not Be Encouraged – Rocky Dawuni

Ghanaian reggae legend Rocky Dawuni has stated that beefing for attention must not be encouraged among musicians in Ghana.

He made these revelations in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central on 20 MAY 2020. When questioned about the current beef and it benefit to the music industry, The Grammy Nominee Rocky Dawuni explained that, beefing is healthy when planned by two parties to promote their works and get maximum attention from the public but beefing each other with insults and assaults shouldn’t be encouraged in the Ghanaian music industry.

According to him, musicians should rather work hard and let their works speak to them rather than engaging in unnecessary beefs to seek attention. He however advised the media to stop promoting these unnecessary beefs and focus on things that are positive.

He said;

“It is a waste of time, let’s allow our creative works to portray positivity about Ghana to the world. We don’t need to create a wrong impression among the youth that in music you need to fight and be against each other in order to get attention, it’s a wrong move.

“Some people beef just to get attention and create hype in the press but let’s focus and sound positive in our songs. It’s more to do with selfishness and the desire to usurp someone in order to always be ahead.

“If it is arranged as a play for fun that both artistes agree behind the scenes that we are going to beef each other for competitiveness, then I don’t have any issues with it.

“But when it becomes serious such that it turns to be full of insults and physical assault then obviously we would be badly influencing children who see this artistes as role models.

“It works for some people to get attention but I think is high time we put these things behind us and the media should not be buying into those stuffs and focus on things that are positive”.

Source: Tinalove Nayram | wysepromotions.com

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