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We Have Wee Lovers And Wee Smokers – Blakk Rasta

Love For Weed Doesn't Make You A Smoker - Blakk Rasta Educates

The “Barak Obama” hit maker Blakk Rasta has explained that we have people who love marijuana and those smoke it.

Blakk Rasta in an interview on No.1 FM with Nana Kwame Gyan stated that not everyone smokes marijuana because it can be use for different purposes.

“Advocating for wee doesn’t make you a smoker rather it means you appreciate the herb and it’s positive benefits to the human race and countries economy and also wee is used for many purposes not just smoking that’s why people are ready to advocate for it”, he educated.

Blakk Rasta added that all those who advocated for the legalization of the plant are people who don’t smoke but appreciate the benefits of the plant and know what the plant can do to the human race and economy of countries.

Blakk Rasta also acknowledged the living and those in blessed memory who fought hard for the legalization of this plant in Ghana.

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