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MzVee Can’t Perform Any Of The Songs Recorded At Lynx Entertainment

Award-winning songstress, Mzvee left the Lynx Entertainment Record label about two years ago because of depression.

Upon her bounce back onto the music scene with a new banger titled “Sheriff”, there are unconfirmed reports that her former record label is restricting her from performing, and entertaining patrons with songs she recorded under them.

According to reports sighted by zionfelix.net, Lynx Entertainment has taken this decision because Mzvee never wrote a single song under them.

As such, all her songs, especially her lyrics which were either bought or written by other musicians who are currently signed onto the label cannot be used by her for commercial gains.

It should be noted that MzVee has officially agreed to a “from 360° deal” offer from her the Jamaican record label she is currently working with.

This means the company agrees to provide financial and other support for the artist, including direct advances as well as support in marketing, promotion, touring and other areas.
In turn, the artist agrees to give the company a percentage of an increased number of their revenue streams, often including sales of recorded music, live performances, publishing and more.

Zionfelix.net is currently working its sources to get confirmation of this rumor.

Source: zionfelix.net

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