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My Song Will Win High Life Song Of The Year – Emelia Brobbey

Ghanaian sensational actress Emelia Brobbey has appreciated how Ghanaians have feel about her new song “Fame Ko” and disclosed that she will use the song to file for high life song categories at award schemes.

Emelia Brobbey in a recent interview with DJ Reuben on Luv FM in Kumasi said Ghanaians are talking about her voice and she is really appreciative about that and will work on it.

“Ghanaians are talking about my voice and I am really appreciative about it and I will improve with time. With the insults and some comments I get from people on social media concerning my song, some of them hurts me and others too motivates me; the insults are really getting to me and have also showed me how Ghanaians really feel about me but it’s all good”, she revealed.

Emelia Brobbey also disclosed that she was going to submit her new song to awards schemes and be she will win an award.

“I will give my song “Fame ko” 7/10 for now, I know my song isn’t nice to some people but regardless majority are enjoying it. I would submit my song “Fame Ko” to Ghana awards, possibly the hi life song of the year category. I will win an award with it, anything is possible”, she concluded.

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