My Curiosity Led Me Into Acting Though My Father Wasn’t In Support – Pascaline Edwards

Ghanaian ace actress Pascaline Edwards has disclosed that her curiosity for acting led her to become one of the biggest actress of her time.

Pascaline Edwards in a recent interview on RUK Radio with David Osei revealed how her acting journey started.

“I was never discovered by any one but myself. Growing up there were a lot of movies like Osofo Dadzie etc. There was a time that was set aside for stage plays at the national theatre and I wanted to attend so I went with my cousin and seeing all of those stage plays acted to the latter got me curious as to how it all goes on but I had a fear despite the curiosity”, she disclosed.

“My fear was really centered on how young ladies were using make-ups to transform themselves before the play. Even though this was my fear, it was one of my greatest curiosity about the craft of acting”, she added.

Actress Pascaline Edwards further added that in order to get all her questions answered she joined a group called ‘The Talents’ that had all gurus and pros of the movie industry like David Dontoh, Maame Dokono and the rest. She revealed that she was groomed by them to become one of the most recongised actress in Ghana.

“I was trained excessively for two years. I was thought how to let go of your original self and character in order to take up the character in the script you have been given. It was not easy because my father was not supportive but at the end of the two years, when he realized that it was worthwhile and a future full of opportunities and exposure he gave me his full blessing and today I’m one of the most celebrated actresses in Ghana and around the world”, she revealed.

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