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Music Is Medicine, Pay Attention To Songs That Comfort The Soul – Kojo Antwi Advises

Legendary high life singer Kojo Antwi has advised Ghanaians to pay attention to songs that comfort the soul, because music is a medicine.

He was speaking as a panelist at a roundtable on “Sustaining a distinctive Ghanaian Musical Identity in a Globalised Musical Mix” at the University of Cape Coast (UCC).
The roundtable formed part of a 14-day Workshop and activities of the sixth biannual Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) Graduate School’s ‘Performing Sustainability’, Culture and Development in West Africa at UCC.

“The kind of music we download, the kind of music we play, the support and attention given to them help in sustaining that kind of music and they have effects on us. Music is medicine so be careful what you give attention to,” he said.

Kojo Antwi added that Ghanaian and African musicians should compose and produce good songs that will have positive impact on the country and community.

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