Most Gospel Singers Won’t Go To Heaven – Brakoffy

Singing about Jesus doesn't gurantee you heaven - Ghanaian Rapper

Emerging rap artiste, Brakoffy, has shared that he faced opposition from family members when he chose to do rap music because they viewed that genre as devilish and preferred that he did gospel music.

He has, however, opined that singing gospel songs does not guarantee that one would make it to heaven.

In an interview with Foster Romanus on the Late Nite Celebrity show, he stated: “Singing about Jesus doesn’t gurantee you heaven.I think gospel is about your daily activities. The Bible says we should do good, we shouldn’t commit adultery and stuffs like that so if I am singing these songs and I am not telling anyone to commit adultery or go kill or rob somebody, then I don’t think it is wrong”.

According to him, singing gospel songs was not his calling as he states that to sing a gospel song,one needs to be ‘spiritual’.

He also revealed that with six to seven years of making rap music, he was confident that the genre was his passion.

Brakoffy recently released a song titled ‘Only You’which features the ‘Nothing I Get’ hitmaker, Fameye.

By: Alberta Dorcas N D Armah

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