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Meet MC George Bannerman, the host of Black Gala during the year of return

The Historic Museum of Science and Technology in Ghana hosted the nation’s maiden edition of a black tie occasion, The Black Gala, which was organized by ChaleKasa and brought hundreds of Africans from all over the world on the 26th of December, 2019 under the womb of MAMA Africa. The gala itself was designed to celebrate black art, culture, fashion and diaspora. Gathering participants from across the diaspora through their shared interest in the gala’s central theme of Afrofuturism, the event sparked multi-modal imaginations about the past, present and future of Africa and the diaspora.

The occasion was entrusted to no other man but the Master of Ceremonies for Ghana’s finest occasions, Mr. George Bannerman, popularly referred to as “GB”.

He excellently harmonized the occasion showcasing his extensive experience in entertainment and Emceeing. At every ceremony he displays his unique way of doing things through music and dance, and of course, The Black Gala was no exception, as he ushered all those present into an enthusiastic dancing energy, as well as seized the opportunity to teach many timid event goers dance moves.

His eloquence, charisma, sense of humor and distinctive fashion panache showed GB’s unique style of entertaining his audience which left everyone yearning for more of his creativity. Mr. Bannerman managed to create a lively atmosphere for all the returnees and participants confirmed the event was the best way to close out the Year of Return as they left with such unforgettable memories.
Just as he left successful treats at companies like Tullow Oil Ghana Ltd, Puma Energy, Deloitte, Multichoice Ghana Ltd and at extraordinary weddings and birthday parties, The Black Gala was no exception.
With his unrivaled level of energy, passion, innovation, and determination, it is unsurprising that GB is an international icon and inspiration to many.


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