I Was Exonerated And Filled With Joy When Marijuana Was Legalized – Blakk Rasta

Ghanaian reggae musician Abubakar Ahmed known in showbiz cycles as Blakk Rasta has said that he was exonerated and filled with abundance of joy when marijuana was legalized in Ghana.

Blakk Rasta made this fulfilled speech in an interview with Original Ras Kofai on GBC Radio Central’s show “Joy in the noon day” .

“I felt exonerated and I felt that yeah, this man hear is far, far away from the present generation just yesterday the MP for Lambusie, Edward Derry called me and said that I was angry the day that marijuana was legalised , I was one of the MP’s who invited you to parliament , MP now feels that parliament of Ghana is being hypocritical because some of its members ridiculing him when he called for the legalisation of same in 2015. But, in 2020, what Blakk Rasta proposed to be done has come to fruition. He added that now it is a feeling of exoneration, happiness and joy and for everyone who believes in herb” he averred.

Blakk Rasta added that in life you have to add one to one to make it two and with the kind of show he hosts on radio , you can’t just come and play music and go but rather it deals with intellectuality.

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