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Ghanaians Should Allow Starboy Kwarteng To Celebrate Ebony – Maame Serwaa

“If they are demolishing houses for a road and your house is not affected you say the road is straight.”

This is what Kumawood actress Maame Serwaa said when she was asked about her opinion of the brouhaha surrounding late Ebony’s father’s intention to organize a TBD (Till day Break) birthday party in his daughter’s honour.

Starboy Kwarteng, father of late Ebony caused a stir on social media when he announced that he was going to organize a birthday party for his daughter in February.

Many Ghanaians received the news with mixed feelings, with some saying it was unnecessary considering the fact that she has already passed on.

Others chastised Starboy Kwarteng, accusing him of being a fame-hungry old man who is doing everything possible to stay in the limelight.

But Maame Serwaa, in a reaction to the brouhaha said, Ghanaians should leave Mr Kwarteng alone to celebrate his late daughter anyhow he deems fit.

According to the actress, it is usually difficult to understand the behavior of people going through the loss of a loved one, and so he should be allowed to mourn as long as he wants to if that includes birthday parties in her honour.

She said Ebony died too young and tragically without leaving any children behind with whom she could be remembered and this is one way Mr Kwarteng could use to remember her, otherwise she would be totally forgotten and that was not good.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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