Cause Of Joyce Blessing’s Break Up With Husband Finally Pops Up

Ghanaian sensational gospel singer Joyce Blessing’s publicist Julie Jay Kanz has been accused of breaking up the marriage of the singer.

Joyce Blessing a few weeks ago was reported to have ended her marriage of ten years with manager Dave Joy.

However, the real cause of separation between Joyce Blessing and Dave Joy has been revealed.

According to Afya Boadiwaa Fabrigas, Joyce Blessing’s publicist Julie Jay is the real reason behind the break up of the singer Joyce Blessing’s marriage.

Afya Boadiwaa Fabrigas added that Joyce Blessing and Julie Jay were very close friends but Julie Jay ended up stabbing the singer in the back by sleeping her husband.

Despite the silence of the gospel singer Joyce Blessing on the issue claiming that her lawyers are working on it and her silence is very important.

Afya Boadiwaa Fabrigas has advised Dave Joy to return the kids to Joyce Blessing because she is going through a lot emotionally.

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